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Robust spectral sensors purpose built for industrial process environment.

Equipment capable of multiple spectral ranges and methods to make the most difficult process measurements.

Innovative sample interfaces and automation for on line measurements and real-time process control.


Seamless connectivity between laboratory analysis and process measurements.

Supports interchangeable spectral sensors to accommodate a diverse range of research needs.

Modular sample compartments and accessories designed specifically in mind for different spectroscopic needs.


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Common software platform for both lab and process applications.

Easy control of the spectral sensor for the process environment through an intuitive user interface on a dedicated process PLC controller.

Laboratory control and analysis through PC (Windows, MacOS, Linux).

Rapid measurement and processing times to support high throughput process measurements.  Sophisticated data analytics, including chemometric analysis, for flexible analysis.


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Configuration support for your most challenging measurement, in the lab or in your process.

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